Unsweetened Chocolate

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Origami—or—Instructional Truths of Folding

Happy Valentine’s! This year we celebrate the big day with an origami butterfly folded in unrya tissue with wings painted in roasted cacao powder. The art is made my my mother Elaine and is accompanied by a beautiful sentiment written by my poet-friend E.S.M.


origami photoorigami—in futura




In celebration of Day of the Dead 2017, we offer Embrace, an unfiltered white chocolate. We roasted and pressed our Dominican Republic cacao beans resulting in a rustic butter which imparts a light caramel hue to the finished chocolate. Embrace aged in Buddha’s Hand or fingered citron peel for one year, permitting the heavenly aroma of this exquisite fruit to delicately infuse the chocolate.

The following sentiment accompanied each bar:

DOD Embrace